Media Production

Digital Media Productions for the Humanities

Humanist Media is a complete digital media studio, offering a full range of production services to humanities scholars, departments, cultural institutions and individuals in every discipline, by scholars, for scholars. Our studio combines decades of experience in broadcast media, photography and media production with years of scholarship and research in the humanities, making us the perfect full-service production house for every humanities media project.

Our team members hold doctorates in the humanities and social sciences, allowing us to tailor production services to meet your specific pedagogical and public humanities needs. Whether you are producing a podcast on American cultural politics, or recording a gender theory symposium for posterity, we speak the same language.

Audio Production

  • Audio podcast production
  • Original, royalty-free theme and bridge music
  • Event audio recording and mastering
  • Interview and field recording

Video Production

  • Event video
  • One or two-camera production
  • Interviews, candid footage and more
  • Optional 30-60 minute event documentary with original, royalty-free music
  • Interview and field recording


Digital photography

  • Optional online gallery
  • Downloadable high-resolution JPEG and Raw format files

Film photography

  • Negatives with high-resolution scans, and optional 4”x6” color or black and white prints
  • Fujichrome slides with high-resolution scans
  • Optional online gallery

Humanist Media Productions



Conversation on the future of the non-hairshirt Left from the editors of Politics/Letters. James Livingston and Bruce Robbins talk to writers, artists, historians, philosophers and activists about big ideas, and the issues facing the world today.


No Sounds Are Forbidden

A podcast written and hosted by Matthew Friedman exploring the complex and facsinating history of avant-garde music in the 20th and 21st centuries.



History on the Run

History on the Run mobilizes the full toolkit of digital media and networking to present the past from the perspective of historical scholarship as it becomes history. An initiative of Dr. Matthew Friedman and Humanist Media LLC, History on the Run presents the best and most innovative audio-visual media content that the digital academy has to offer.


Humanist Media on Vimeo

Humanist Media video productions available for streaming on Vimeo.