The first in a quarterly series of Conversations on the Commons: Show and Tell edition!

March 5, 2021, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Commons Show and Tell! Share with us the best or most intriguing object or archival piece in your collection. Do you have a white elephant? An item around which you have been dying to build an entire exhibit? Or maybe you have done so?  Something that is so cool or so weird you find yourself telling people about it again and again? Something that is rare and valuable and you need advice preserving it?  Share it with us! Bring and show it, post a picture, brag, ask for help interpreting, share what you have done with it. Join us for the first of a quarterly series of Conversations on the Commons that will focus on items in our collections and what we do with them. Bring an item (or a picture of your item!) and be ready to give a 1-2 minute spiel about why you brought it! This conversation will be moderated by Gloria Greis, Executive Director of the Needham History Center & Museum.

Registration is free. REGISTER NOW.

This Conversation will be livestreamed. We will do our best to monitor your questions and comments during the livestream. A recording will be publicly available in the Conversations on the Commons Archive.

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