Join us September 11, 2020 for Civics, Politics, and History organizations: History as neutral ground?

A Conversation with Erin McGough and Nat Sheidley.

Women’s Suffrage, the Census, Black Lives Matter, the Election: How do you engage the question of politics in your organization? Engaging audiences without being partisan? How do board members feel about these issues? Where do we draw the line between history and the current political moment? How do we create/encourage conversations that transcend the ruts of what passes for contemporary political dialogue?

Peer panelists will be Erin McGough, Executive Director of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society and Nat Sheidley, President & CEO of Revolutionary Spaces.


This event will be LIVESTREAMED. We will do our best to monitor your questions and comments during the livestream. A recording will be publicly available in the Conversations on the Commons Archive.

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